BAYO.S Screw foundations

Is an international company with many years of experience in the manufacture and installation of screw foundations and modern production facilities in the Czech Republic.

About BAYO.S

Choosing a screw foundation from BAYO.S is not only a fast and efficient alternative to concrete in construction, but also a proven product. If your building is built on BAYO.S Screw foundations, you have chosen a product that:

  • is ISO certified and CE marked
  • Manufactured and approved for construction in the EU
  • Complies with the EN standard for steel, welding and galvanizing
  • supports BR18
  • can document the load-bearing capacity according to Eurocode 7
  • can document lifetime
  • Preparation of SBi 271 and DS1140
  • can document in design classes 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • allows you to take out statutory building damage insurance

Expertise, development and responsible building
BAYO.S is an international company with many years of experience in the manufacture and installation of screw foundations, BAYO.S has modern production facilities in the Czech Republic. BAYO’s trademark is high-quality products and proven screw foundation installations. We offer advice at a high professional level and work with the latest technology.

Screw foundations for many types of applications
BAYO.S screw foundations are an innovative foundation system that eliminates the need to pour concrete or drive piles for new construction or renovation.

The steel screws are screwed into the load-bearing soil layer and thus transfer the static forces to the foundation/building. Simple, fast and vibration-free, avoiding damage to surrounding buildings and restoration. This protects biodiversity.

Man On The Moon Project

On January 5, 2024, we proudly became part of ‘Man On The Moon’, a project that aims to revolutionize business in Region Zealand and potentially all of Denmark.

The project focuses on promoting the growth of 16 carefully selected companies with the potential to become billion-dollar business beacons. Over a 3-year period, these companies will work towards creating significant revenue and growth, implement a new growth model for SMEs, and spread this model nationally to stimulate economic growth.

‘Man On The Moon’ is a crucial effort to overcome challenges in Region Zealand, create international business successes, and strengthen Denmark’s economy. Read more here.

DI Lolland-Falsters Initiative Award '23

BAYO.S, which focuses on increasing the quality of construction foundations with screw foundations and reducing CO2 emissions, received DI Lolland Falster’s Initiative Award on November 24, 2023. The award recognizes the creativity, drive and innovation of small and medium-sized businesses.

We were honored for our pioneering approach to the green transition and ability to leverage business support offers effectively, as well as for their focus on the value chain and ambitious future plans.

The award was based on our initiative and growth potential, measured by key figures such as revenue and employee numbers. Read more here.

Building Component Award '23

BAYO.S Screw Foundations is part of a trio that has won the Building Component Award 2023, a recognition from VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN for our pioneering work with innovative screw foundations. The award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of industrially manufactured building components, with particular emphasis on value, significance and application in everyday life. Mette Tony, chair of the jury, highlights the award winners’ collaboration on a project that combines sustainability and flexibility as an example of necessary green innovation in the construction industry. Read more here.

The foundation of a good friendship
between construction and nature

With in-house engineers, in-house production and extensive installation experience, BAYO.S is a strong partner for your projects. BAYO.S is a Danish-owned company but operates globally – we are pioneers in the development and manufacturing of both fixed and extendable screw foundations.

Our range covers product types, each with their own color:

  • A green range for the hobbyist
  • a blue range especially suited for the professional tradesman
  • and a black range, which are delivered and installed by BAYO.S own professional installers using BAYO.S drilling rigs.

A screw foundation from BAYO.S not only gives you far greater flexibility in your construction process, but also leaves a significantly lower CO2 footprint than using concrete, for example. The flexibility comes not only from the extendible solutions, but also from the fact that our screw foundations can be screwed back up and reused multiple times.


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