BAYO.S foundation replaces concrete for blackening at Matas' new logistics center

BAYO.S screws replace concrete foundations to stabilize
Matas’ new logistics center, which can be completed on time despite the first
snowstorm and freezing temperatures of the year.
Over 500 element supports stabilize concrete and steel elements during the assembly phase of Matas’ new 32,000 m2 logistics center that Amatech is building near Lynge in North Zealand.

Traditionally, element supports are attached to a temporary concrete foundation, which must be excavated, poured with concrete and very often subsequently dismantled and disposed of.

To ensure a much faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly installation process, Amatech chose to replace the traditional temporary concrete foundation with over 500 steel screws from BAYO.S. The screw foundations with self-tapping point are screwed into the load-bearing soil layer and thus transfer the static forces to the elements.

“The method is simple, fast, vibration-free and a clear advantage for the environment, as the screws can easily be unscrewed after the installation phase and reused for the next project. An additional advantage in this case is that the screws – unlike concrete foundations – can be installed in freezing temperatures”says André Steppat Laursen, fitter at BAYO.S.

This avoids costly delays for the client as the installation process could continue at full speed during the recent snowstorm and freezing weather in early January 2024.


  • With screw foundations, there is no digging and no soil removal.
  • Since there is no concrete to pour, there is also no waiting time for curing. We screw in the screw and the element support can be installed immediately.
  • Screw foundations can be installed in all types of soil and weather conditions. You are not limited by frost, snow or rain. This saves time and money as the weather does not disrupt the construction schedule.
  • The screw foundations can be screwed up and repositioned 5-10 times. The materials are also recyclable. All this is good for the environment.
  • BAYO.S can document the towing loads


  • With BAYO.S screw foundations, you can quickly build stable foundations for year-round houses, extensions, allotments, modules, element supports, carports, terraces … BAYO.S screw foundations effectively anchor any type of building.


  • Approved for construction in the EU
  • Made in the EU
  • Are ISO-certified
  • Are CE marked
  • Complies with the EN standard for steel, welding and galvanizing
  • Supports BR18
  • Can document according to EC 3 and 7
  • Can document load capacity and lifetime
  • Can prepare documentation for load capacity with SBi271 and DS1140 according to the Danish norm and EC7
  • You can take out statutory building damage insurance when building on BAYO.S screw foundations


BAYO.S works closely with geotechnical engineers from Andreasen & Hvidberg, Aalborg University, Innovation Fund Denmark and Vækstfonden on screw foundations for future buildings.

The collaboration means that BAYO.S can now document the load-bearing capacity and service life of our screw foundations according to EC7 as well as issue SBi271 / DS1140 and document according to construction class 1-4.

BAYO.S has developed and patented a ramming machine together with Aalborg University, where you can slaughter our screw foundations and document according to the Danish norm.

Our screw foundations are currently produced in the Czech Republic in our own steel production and BAYO.S is now in Danish hands and sold in 8 countries in Europe.

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