With BAYO.S screw foundations, you get a fast, environmentally friendly and compliant solution for your next construction project. Our foundations are certified in accordance with all relevant Danish and European standards, including BR18, SBi 271, ISO, DS1140 and Eurocode 7. Our research-based approach ensures you get the most efficient installation, tailored to your project. Choose BAYO.S for a smarter, safer and more sustainable foundation.


Screw foundations for larger
construction projects.


Screw foundations for everyone
your projects around the house.


Screw foundations and
racks to a green energy source.

SAVE 85%

CO2 savings with BAYO.S Screw foundation

Here we compare a strip foundation and screw foundation for a 135m2 house
  • The perimeter foundation emits 8,144 kgCO2
  • BAYO.S screw foundation emits 1,190 kgCO2
You therefore save 85.4%CO2, equivalent to 6,954 kgCO2, with a BAYO.S screw foundation. Take a closer look here

All data is obtained via and 2022-2024. The foundation base is calculated by our engineer and the concrete foundation is adjusted to the lowest standard. In this example, the soil conditions are set to optimal conditions for both methods. The figures are pure concrete, not reinforcing steel and other materials.

Equivalent to 52,700 km in a petrol passenger car

New deck this summer?

Are you looking to build a wooden deck or expand your current one?

You can use our terrace calculatorwhich allows you to choose the exact wood and size you want. The calculator can also be used if you are not building a deck on screw foundations.

What you get is a sketch of the deck with precise measurements, making it easy for you to start building. You can also save your deck as a PDF and print it out, so you can easily walk down to your nearest lumberyard to help you find the right materials.

Do you want to build your deck on screw foundations but are unsure how to get started? Please visit our guide to installing our ground screws.

It’s a good idea to find out if your lumberyard has your desired wood in the specific dimensions before you calculate your deck.

Terrasse langs huset til terrasse beregneren


When you choose BAYO.S screw foundations, you get a fast and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction. Our foundation solution is both effective and proven, eliminating the need for concrete casting or pile driving. By screwing our screw foundation directly into the ground, we ensure a stable and vibration-free installation for all types of construction projects.

Why choose BAYO.S?

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Best proven screw foundation
  • Most secure choice
  • Eco-friendly method
  • No vibrations
  • Recyclable
BAYO.S can do something that everyone else can’t. It is to secure your building with stability, future-proofing and a documented product, as well as concentrated research that means you can always get the statutory building damage insurance.

Our certificates include:

  • Support for BR18
  • Documentation of load bearing capacity according to Eurocode 7
  • ISO certified and CE marked
  • Can document longevity
  • Manufactured and approved for construction in the EU
  • Complies with the EN standard for steel, welding and galvanizing
  • Can be documented in all design classes 1-4
  • Preparation of SBi 271 and DS1140
  • Option for statutory building damage insurance

BAYO.S is a Danish-owned company with global reach. We specialize in developing and manufacturing screw foundations in collaboration with experts and universities. Our range is designed for everyone from hobbyists to professional craftsmen and large construction projects.

Choose BAYO.S for a solid foundation for your next construction project.

Keep it simple with a BAYO.S screw foundation!

Our smart solution says goodbye to cumbersome concrete and heavy piles. Instead, you simply screw steel screws into the ground – fast, stable and completely vibration-free.

Build easily with BAYO.S

Imagine building a cozy pavilion, a practical shed for your DIY projects or a charming allotment house on a solid foundation, all without much preparation.

Our screw foundations are designed to make life easier for both weekend hobby projects and larger dream builds.

We can document all our work, where you can take out statutory building damage insurance for your new building on a screw foundation from BAYO.S.

With a simple, fast and environmentally friendly foundation from BAYO.S, you get a solution that lasts.

Choose between fixed and extendable screw foundations

Fixed screw foundations are quick and easy to install and are the ideal solution as a point foundation for modules, carports, pavilions and more.

As they are fixed length, it is always necessary to evaluate the static conditions and soil bearing capacity to select the correct ground screw. For your DIY project, you can find guidance here or visit Simpson Strong-Tie here for range and support.

The screws are available with different tops, in different wall thicknesses and different diameters and lengths, so you can always find a screw that suits your project. Contact us here to learn more about how we can create the perfect solution for your project.

Extendable screw foundations are flexible and particularly suitable for soil conditions where greater depth is required to achieve load-bearing capacity and for sloping terrain.

If you face these issues with your DIY project, visit Simpson Strong-Tie here to see the range and get support.

Extendable screw foundations are also suitable in places where the length of standard screw foundations is not sufficient. The screws can be extended until solid ground is achieved. This avoids the extensive digging and expensive removal of soil that traditional methods entail.

The screws are easy to handle as they can be extended into one very long screw, making it possible to tailor the perfect foundation solution for your project.

Do you want your next project to be built on BAYO.S screw foundations? Call us on tel: 70 275 275 275