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BAYO.S can document the load capacity according to Eurocode 7

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Frequently asked questions

What machines do you use to install foundations for houses and other large projects?

Drilling rig BAYO.S M2 is used for the installation of professional screw foundations, i.e. larger projects such as houses, holiday homes, annexes and for blacktop removal. With the BAYO.S M2 drill rig, it is possible to install 25-75 screw foundations per day and can therefore found a standard year-round house in 1-2 days. Read more about our drilling rig here.

Can screw foundations be used to build houses?

Yes, you can use our screw foundations to build foundations for houses, cottages and other buildings. With our engineers and partner Andreasen and Hvidberg, it is possible to get a house on screw foundations that is approved for the statutory building damage insurance. Learn more here.

Can you show me buildings where screw foundations have been used?

You can see our projects where we have installed foundations for houses, large buildings, holiday homes and solar parks at the link here.

Which houses have you built on ground screws?

BAYO.S has installed foundations for several houses, cottages and modules. For example, we installed foundations for a house in Glumsø, Det Levende Hus, totaling 266 m2 with house and terrace. This was done using only 42 pieces. BAYO.S screw foundations. You can see more of our projects here.

With BAYO.S Screw foundations

Can you forget about traditional methods such as casting concrete or driving piles. Our innovative screw foundations offer a fast, simple and vibration-free way to Establish stable foundations directly in the supporting soil layer. This method ensures an efficient transfer of static forces to the foundation, making BAYO.S Screw foundations for an optimal solution for builders looking for speed and reliability in their construction projects.

BAYO.S Screw foundations stand out by eliminating the need for concrete, making them an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for a wide range of construction projects. Whether you’re working on residential, commercial or special constructions, our screw foundations guarantee a solid foundation and meet all necessary documentation requirements, plus they are eligible for building damage insurance. Choose BAYO.S Screw foundations for a future-proof foundation solution that meets current and future building requirements for efficiency and sustainability.

BAYO.S screw foundations

  • are approved for construction in the EU
  • can document the load-bearing capacity according to Eurocode 7
  • Complies with the EN standard for steel, galvanizing and welding
  • are ISO certified
  • are CE marked
  • is produced in the EU
  • supports BR18
  • You can take out statutory building damage insurance when building on BAYO.S screw foundations.
    can document load-bearing capacity and lifetime.
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Documented Load capacity and lifespan

BAYO.S screw foundations are an innovative foundation system that eliminates the need to pour concrete or drive piles for new construction or extensions/conversions.

The self-tapping steel screws are screwed into the load-bearing soil layer and thus transfer the static forces to the foundation/building.

The method is simple, fast and vibration-free, avoiding consequential damage to surrounding buildings and extensive restoration. Groundwater lowering is also avoided.

Skruefundament skruefundamenter
Element supports are used for blackening and stabilizing concrete and steel elements during the assembly phase and for blackening wall formwork. With BAYO.S screw foundations, the foundation for the support can be established quickly and safely.
  • Quickly build stable foundations for year-round homes, extensions, allotments, modules, carports, terraces, traffic signs… BAYO.S screw foundations effectively anchor any type of building.
  • With screw foundations, there’s no digging, no soil removal, no pouring concrete, no waiting for curing. You screw in the screw and can continue building immediately afterwards. For example, the foundation for a 120 m2 house can be completed in 1-2 days. Employees are spared heavy and dirty work.
  • Screw foundations can be installed in all types of soil and weather conditions. You are not limited by frost, snow or rain. This saves time and money as the weather does not disrupt the construction schedule.
  • Screw foundations have a long lifespan, which can also be extended to last longer than concrete foundations. They can be unscrewed and repositioned elsewhere. This makes them suitable for use when building temporary foundations. The materials are also recyclable. All this is good for the environment.
  • Because the screw foundations compact the existing soil, it is possible to build on contaminated soil without having to remove or clean the soil. Screw foundations are therefore a low-cost solution for building on sites with soil contamination issues.
  • Many foundation projects require the groundwater level to be lowered, for example in connection with expensive sandbagging solutions. In urban areas, these groundwater lowering is not desirable as it can cause damage to adjacent properties. Using BAYO.S screw foundations avoids groundwater lowering.
  • With point foundations that keep the house clear of the ground, you avoid radon and moisture problems in your building.

Choose between fixed and extendable screw foundations:

BAYO.S screw foundations can be used for new foundations as well as retrofitting and stabilizing settlement-damaged buildings.

With our machines, we can install screw foundations even in hard-to-reach areas, such as a backyard or basement.

BAYO.S M2 Drilling rig

For the new M2 drilling rigs, BAYO.S and Danfoss have jointly developed brand new remote-controlled units. These make it easier and safer for the installer to perform the correct work.

The new software and log system also ensures simultaneous documentation of the load-bearing capacity of the screw foundations according to Soil surveys. With these machines, BAYO.S can install screws in virtually all types of soil and terrain, as well as perform pre-drilling with rock drills and mobile compressor.

The drill rig is equipped with automatic self-leveling of the derrick and belt offset so the rig can be adjusted from 98 cm to 140 cm in width. The machines, each weighing 2,400 kg, have a torque of 8,000 Nm and a push down power of 1,500 kg.

The process of using BAYO.S


You have a plot of land and a desired building project that requires foundations.


Based on the soil survey and load-bearing requirements for the building, BAYO.S can provide estimates for a solution using screw foundations.


Engineer makes static calculation for final requirement of load points for foundations.


If you want to proceed with screw foundations, order a geotechnical calculation. This report ensures that the chosen solution complies with Eurocode 7 and is insurance approved.


Solution suggestion and calculation holds: As a customer, you can now decide to start foundations with screw foundations.


Solution proposal requires changes: BAYO.S can change the solution/offer based on the geotechnical report.


BAYO.S performs foundations with screw foundations. Measurements and registration are made continuously for later documentation.


You will receive a report documenting your screw foundation, ensuring that Eurocode 7 is complied with and normal insurance policies apply.

Do you also want to save time, CO2 and ensure a solid foundation for your customers?

Give us a call to find out how we can help with your next project. At BAYO.S we are committed to environmental responsibility and efficient solutions, but also to providing the utmost safety.

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