Bore BAYO.S M2

Installing screw foundations with a BAYO.S M2 drill rig is done with very high precision, founding a standard year-round house or cottage in 1-2 days. The machine can precision install 50-100 meters of screw foundation per day.


The new BAYO.S M2 drilling rigs are equipped with the latest technology and monitoring for correct installation and documentation of all screw foundations. BAYO.S can install screws in virtually all soil and terrain types, as well as perform pre-drilling with rock drills and mobile compressor.

New technology

BAYO.S and Danfoss have developed brand new remote-controlled units for M2 drilling rigs. Which makes it easier and safer for the installer to do the right job.

Self-leveling, belt adjustment and weight

The M2 drill rig is equipped with automatic self-leveling of the derrick and belt shifting so the rig can be adjusted from 98 cm to 140 cm in width. The machine weighs 2500 kg.

  • Torque: 8 000 Nm
  • Push-Down power: 1,500 kg
  • Dimensions: (W x H x L): 98/140 x 200 x 350 cm

GEAR SET 1:150

For installing screw foundations where the drill rig does not have the required access or space, installation can be done with handheld GEARBOX.

  • Install up to 50 screws per day
  • Installation depth with extendable screws is up to 5 meters
  • Torque approx. 4500 Nm
  • GEARBOX weight: 21.9 kg – Installation arm: 10.3 kg


Handheld installation tool. Suitable for installing BAYO.S screw foundations down to a depth of 2 meters. Perfect for places with difficult access or sensitive terrain.

  • Installing screws vertically and/or at an angle.
  • Silent installation with electric motor.
  • Screw depth: 200 cm.
  • Maximum torque: 5500 Nm.
  • Weight: Gearbox = 22 kg. – Telescopic pole = 10.3 kg.