BAYO.S’ DIY product range.

  • Designed for smaller foundation jobs – typically from 0.6 to 1.2 meters deep.
  • These are point foundations for terraces, carports, greenhouses, garden fences, etc.

Screw foundations for all your projects around the house

BAYO.S DIY screw foundations are ideal for many purposes – they are perfect for the homeowner who manages their own construction projects around the house or the professional builder.

Installing the screw foundations is easy with tools that can be purchased or rented through our dealers.

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Screw assortment

Get an overview of the entire BAYO.S range of DIY screw foundations.

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Hand tools

See which tools can be used and rented to install the screw foundations.

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How-to guide

How many screw foundations do you need?
Find the instructions for your next deck build.


No concrete

You don't have to dig and remove soil or work with concrete and wait for it to cure.

Save money

The installation of a BAYO.S screw takes minutes. You can start working on your project right away.

Stable but also removable

Rocky soil, concrete, asphalt, mud or sand are no obstacle to installing a screw foundation.

Year-round installation

Screw foundations can be installed regardless of the weather. You are not limited by high temperatures, frost, snow or rain.

CO2 emissions

Screw foundations are removable and can be reused up to 10 times. They can be screwed up leaving the ground as it was before construction.


Mark the position, drill in the screw and you're ready to build. Quick and easy.

Choose between fixed and extendable screw foundations

Fixed screw foundations are installed quickly and easily. They are the ideal solution as point foundations forterraces, greenhouses, sheds, playgrounds, etc. in places where you know the load-bearing capacity of the soil .

The screws are available in different lengths and with different U-tops to fit the most common dimensions of beams and posts.

Extendable screw foundations are flexible and particularly suitable for soil conditions where greater depth is required to achieve load-bearing capacity and for sloping terrain.

Extendable screw foundations are also suitable in places where the length of standard screw foundations is not sufficient. The screws can be extended until solid ground is achieved.

The screws are easy to handle as they are extended in the installation process.

With BAYO.S screw foundations

Eliminates the need for concrete pouring or pile driving.

The steel screws are screwed into the load-bearing soil layer, transferring the static forces to the element. This method is simple, quick and doesn’t damage the area, avoiding extensive re-establishment of your garden, for example.

With BAYO.S Screw Foundations, it’s quick to establish stable foundations without concrete. BAYO.S Screw Foundations can be used for a wide range of construction projects, effectively anchoring any type of building and meeting all documentation requirements.

Find BAYO.S throughout Denmark

BAYO.S screw foundations are sold by a wide network of DIY stores and timber yards across Denmark, so you can quickly and easily find your nearest BAYO.S dealer in your area.

  • XL-BYG
  • Davidsen
  • EA Tools
  • Jydske Byggecentre
  • ØT Group

You can also buy or rent tools from our dealers for quick and easy installation.