DIY Screw assortment

Here you will find content about the different screw foundations and solutions that BAYO.S screw foundations can be used for


No concrete

You don't have to excavate, remove soil, or work with concrete and wait for it to harden.

Save money

The installation of a BAYO.S screw takes minutes. You can start building right away.

Stable but also removable

Rocky soil, solid rock, concrete, asphalt, mud or sand are no obstacle to installing a screw foundation.


Installation of screw foundations can be done regardless of the weather. You are not limited by high temperatures, frost, snow or rain.

CO2 emissions

Screw foundations are removable and can be reused up to 10 times. You can leave nature as it was when you arrived and started construction.


You set the position, drill in the screw and build. Quick and easy. You can move the auger to another location at any time.

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With BAYO.S Screw foundations

There is no need for extensive digging and soil removal. Our screw foundation is easily and quickly screwed into the ground and is instantly ready for loading. Screw foundations are available in different sizes so you can use the optimal solution as a foundation.

With BAYO.S Screw Foundations, you can create your DIY project around the house without concrete, so you can move it again at any time. A screw foundation can be used for a wide variety of construction projects, which is the most gentle and easy method for you and nature.

BAYO.S Screw range

BAYO.S screw foundations are an innovative foundation system that eliminates the need to pour concrete or drive piles. Our screw foundations simplify the process of your DIY projects around the house. Build your new terrace, shed, fence or pavilion on a BAYO.S screw foundation.

Choose between fixed and extendable screw foundations to create the optimal foundation for your DIY projects.