Solar modules

Total supplier of stable solar cell construction for small KW and large MW plants throughout Europe.

Green foundation for green energy

BAYO.S makes it possible to create a green foundation for green energy through our innovative screw foundation. We are dedicated to providing sustainable and solid foundation solutions for ground-mounted solar modules, ideal for building both large and small solar farms.

Our experience and expertise is clearly demonstrated through our successful projects in Præstø and Haslev, where we have installed our screw foundations. At BAYO.S we understand the importance of combining durability with environmental friendliness, and our screw foundations are designed to do just that.

Choose BAYO.S for a foundation that not only supports, but also reinforces your vision of a sustainable future.

Solar References

See some of our many projects in the installation and assembly of pedestal modules.

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The entire value chain from raw steel to installation of solar racking

The calculations

In our solar department in Denmark, a quote calculator works with colleagues from BAYO.S Czech Republic to create quotes and designs for the racks to suit any project. In total, BAYO.S has 16 years of experience of solar cells, from static calculations, design, development of the steel racks and installation of the same.

Based on your layout, solar cell dimensions and soil survey, the engineers make a static calculation so that the racks are robust for the exact location you want. If we do not have a soil survey for the static calculation, we make a calculation based on ground screws, so the price is indicative until the soil survey can be performed.

Our unique calculation program allows us to see which location, inclination and spacing will give the best discharge of the solar cells in the space you want for the project.

The factories

In our ISO 9001-certified factory, we develop the screw foundations and racks in European steel for every solar project.

  • The screw base has a long lifespan thanks to the HDG zinc coating certified according to EN ISO 1461.
  • The stands, consisting of legs, braces and other steel parts, are developed from thin-walled steel profiles with extra HDG zinc anti-corrosion surface, certified according to EN ISO 1461.
  • Our steel profile purlines (130E23 or equivalent for specific project) are from steel S450GD + Z350 and certified according to EN 1090.
  • The aluminum profiles used to attach the solar panels are certified according to EN 1090, ensuring a solid solar cell system that provides a long lifetime for the racks and the solar panels.


From the factory, screw foundations and racks are transported directly to the project. Drilling rigs and skid steer loaders are transported with the work crew who install the screws and assemble the racks.


The BAYO.S M2 drill rig is specially designed for BAYO.S screw foundations and is operated by an experienced installer who has knowledge of soil conditions, screw foundations and tripods. The installer can therefore install quickly and accurately, but also find a good and appropriate solution if there are challenges with stones or similar in the ground.

The collection

Assembly of the racks is carried out continuously as the screw foundations are installed. Subsequently, racks (including solar panels) for 700 MW are assembled with the most efficient and safe working method.

We are proud to say that 16 years of experience in ground screw installations and tripod mounting makes us efficient and quality-conscious. Our system is flexible in installation, so work-around is possible. When we’re done, the customer can enjoy a solid and environmentally friendly system for many years.

Frequently asked questions

Which solar farms have you installed solar modules for?

We have installed screw foundations for several wastewater treatment plants around the country, including the treatment plants in Mørke, Knebel, Boselum and Rønde. If you want to see more of our solar projects, you can view them here.

Can you install ground-mounted solar modules?

With BAYO.S screw foundations you can install ground-mounted solar modules. We provide the frame and calculations of static conditions and the required load-bearing capacity of the screws.

Our professional solar solutions

No concrete

You don't have to excavate, remove soil, or work with concrete and not wait for it to harden.

Save money

The installation of a BAYO.S screw takes minutes. You can start building right away.

Stable but also removable

Rocky soil, solid rock, concrete, asphalt, mud or sand are no obstacle to installing a screw foundation.

Year-round installation

Installation of screw foundations can be done regardless of the weather. You are not limited by high temperatures, frost, snow or rain.

CO2 emissions

Screw foundations are removable and can be reused up to 10 times. You can leave nature as it was when you arrived and started construction.


You set the position, drill in the screw and build. Quick and easy. You can move the auger to another location at any time.

Eurocode 3 and 7
Foundations in all soil types
Fast and safe choice for foundations

Solar modules from BAYO.S

Download our PDF about our installation and assembly of solar modules.


BAYO.S has installed over 700 MW PV constructions worldwide. Take a look at some of the exciting projects here.

BAYO.S M2 Drilling rig

For the new M2 drilling rigs, BAYO.S and Danfoss have jointly developed brand new remote-controlled units. These make it easier and safer for the installer to perform the correct work.

The new software and log system also ensures simultaneous documentation of the load-bearing capacity of the screw foundations according to Soil surveys. With these machines, BAYO.S can install screws in virtually all types of soil and terrain, as well as perform pre-drilling with rock drills and mobile compressor.

The drill rig is equipped with automatic self-leveling of the derrick and belt offset so the rig can be adjusted from 98 cm to 140 cm in width. The machines, each weighing 2,400 kg, have a torque of 8,000 Nm and a push down power of 1,500 kg.

Interested in more information?

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With in-house engineers, in-house production and extensive installation experience, BAYO.S is a strong partner for your projects. BAYO.S is a Danish-owned company but operates globally – we are pioneers in the development and manufacturing of both fixed and extendable screw foundations.

Our range includes three colors; a green part for hobbyists, a blue part for professionals and a black part used by BAYO.S installers on larger construction projects. Installation is very fast, even in case of complicated terrain and soil conditions. Read more here.

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