Part of the "Man On The Moon" project

It is with great pride that we can announce that we d. 5/1 2024 has become part of the ambitious project ‘Man On The Moon’, an initiative that is revolutionizing business in Region Zealand and potentially all of Denmark. This project focuses on accelerating the growth of 16 selected companies in Region Zealand. Each with the potential to become billion-dollar business beacons.

Our participation in ‘Man On The Moon’ marks the start of an extraordinary 3-year journey towards groundbreaking growth and development. The goals of the project are clear:

  • To generate significant revenue and growth for the selected companies.
  • To implement a new, efficient growth model for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • To spread this model to other regions in Denmark to stimulate economic growth and development.

This initiative is particularly vital for Region Zealand, which faces challenges with low productivity and a lack of large, driving companies. Through ‘Man On The Moon’, man seeks to turn these challenges into opportunities, create international business successes and strengthen Denmark’s economic landscape in the long term.

Our involvement in ‘Man On The Moon’ reflects our dedication to innovation, growth and a better future for Danish business. We look forward to sharing our progress and successes in this groundbreaking initiative. 

Read more about the project here.