Ground-mounted solar modules with screw foundation

BAYO.S can deliver ground-mounted systems in different sizes – from 10 KW to entire solar farms of several MW. We have installed solar modules corresponding to a total capacity of over 700 MW and focus on customizing projects according to customer needs. The screw foundations and solar modules can be installed in all types of weather and soil. The ground and terrain is not a problem – just a challenge that we are happy to take on! Danish-owned BAYO.S has almost 20 years of experience in documentation and installation of ground-mounted solar modules through its partner. We therefore guarantee high quality, durability and longevity. Choosing screw foundations and solar modules from BAYO.S will make the installation process faster, safer and it’s also good for the environment. Since you’re producing green energy, why not go all the way and install with a foundation that can also take into account the surrounding nature and biodiversity?


We can supply screw foundations and complete racks. We are flexible when it comes to assembly and installation of the struts, but we recommend that we install the screws with our specially developed and high-tech drilling rig. In collaboration with Aalborg University, BAYO.S has developed continuous improvements so that we now use the third generation drilling rig. You can read more about them in our solar modules leaflet.

Sep 2023