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Professional screw foundations

The forest house in Glumsø

Skovhuset in Glumsø was built by Det Levende Hus, who also designed it in collaboration with the owners of the house.

For the foundation of the Japanese-inspired house, BAYO.S installed 41 screw foundations.

Build with BAYO.S

Build with care. Build with BAYO.S.

Watch our video about cases where BAYO.S has installed screws from our professional range. The video is from our stand at Byggeri ’23 in Fredericia.

CPH Village in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

CPH Village in Nørrebro is student housing on 3 floors and is supported by 1,200 screw foundations installed by BAYO.S

In 2022, CPH Village won the Bygherreprisen award, which celebrates green building.

The buildings in Nørrebro are characterized by a record-low carbon footprint – as much as 50% below an average newly built home in Copenhagen. The CO2 savings are achieved through greener material choices and smarter use of living space.

Holiday home in Klitmøller

See how BAYO.S, Sundolitt and PP Nordica Denmark collaborated on the construction of Thomas Uhrskov’s holiday home in Klitmøller.

DIY screw foundations

How do I mount a screw foundation with an adapter?

Instructional video on how to use the adapter for your screwdriver when installing a DIY screw foundation.

Build with DIY from BAYO.S

Build with care. Build with BAYO.S.

Watch our video with cases founded with DIY screw foundations from BAYO.S The video is from our stand at Byggeri ’23 in Fredericia.

How do I build a deck with DIY BAYO.S screw foundations?

Instructional video showing you how to go about founding a wooden deck with the DIY screw foundations from BAYO.S.

On our how-to page you will also find a PDF with a detailed description of the process.

Guide to installing a screw foundation

Learn how to install screw foundations with BAYO.S GEARBOX.

Screw types from DIY BAYO.S screw foundations

Watch the video to learn about our DIY range.

If you are interested in hearing more about this part of the range, please contact Simpson Strong-Tie.

How do I install a screw foundation with a GEARBOX 5500?

In the video, you’ll get expert guidance on how to use GEARBOX 5500 to install DIY screws from BAYO.S.

Professional foundations without concrete

BAYO.S professional screw foundations.

DIY show foundations without concrete

For all your projects around the house.