Hages Badehotel

Rødby, Denmark
Hage’s Badehotel in Rødby Havn is being built on 2,546 units. screw foundations from BAYO.S.

The area where the hotel is being built is part of a larger English landscape that runs behind the high coastal dyke at the Fehmarn Belt and stretches for several kilometers from the harbor in the east to a forest of peace in the west. Wild, unkempt nature, frogs and birds define the landscape and are some of the qualities and natural experiences that the project wants to preserve.

The hotel will consist of 72 low-rise buildings connected by wooden decks. All buildings and decks are built on screw foundations from BAYO.S, so they float above the ground. In this way, the existing planting is preserved and ensures the least possible impact on nature.

With screw foundations, it is not necessary to drain and drain the large wetland area by the hotel. By building on screw foundations, you also avoid the construction being grounded in the terrain with concrete, which ensures a minimal impact on the surrounding nature. The entire construction will come to 2,546 units. screw foundations from BAYO.S. If desired, the screw foundations can be unscrewed in many years and will therefore leave minimal traces in nature.