Village Bar at the festival

Village bar for sale and dispensing of Koskenkorva Vodka. The project required a Construction Class 2 certification due to it being a living space.

BAYO.S prepared the documentation regarding the pull-out test, the bearing capacity according to Eurocode 7 with SBi27 and DS1140 documentation. The company Fjord Rådgivende Ingeniør was also associated with the project. After BAYO.S had installed 12 screws for the foundation, the construction of the wooden structure could be started by Ultrabyg ApS. The assembly part took BAYO.S 5 hours and a single fitter was assigned to work.

When the festival was over, the 12 HELIX screw foundations of 2 meters were screwed up again in just a few hours. And subsequently the area was left as if there had never been a vodka bar and a partying festival crowd right there. A big plus for the surrounding nature and biodiversity.