Research in screw foundations

BAYO.S works closely with geotechnical engineers from Andreasen & Hvidberg A/S, Aalborg University, Innovation Fund Denmark and Vækstfonden on screw foundations for future buildings.

Research project

BAYO.S, in collaboration with geotechnical engineers from Andreasen & Hvidberg and with support from Innovation Fund Denmark, has raised DKK 21 million for a major research project (Day to Day) carried out in collaboration with BUILD – Aalborg University.

“The aim of the project is to develop new calculation models so that more environmentally and climate-friendly foundation solutions can be used in large buildings in the future. This is an important part of BUILD’s strategy to contribute to the government’s climate goals,” says Professor Lars Bo Ibsen.

The Day to Day research project will take the technology from small to large scale so that it can be extended to larger buildings in the future. This opens up a whole new market for screw foundations, which will revolutionize and provide a sustainable alternative to current foundation methods in all types of building construction.

If your building is built on BAYO.S screw foundations, you have chosen a product that:

  • supports BR18
  • can document the load-bearing capacity according to Eurocode 7
  • can document lifetime
  • is ISO certified and CE marked
  • Manufactured and approved for construction in the EU
  • Complies with the EN standard for steel, welding and galvanizing
  • Preparation of SBi 271 and DS1140
  • can document in design classes 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • allows you to take out statutory building damage insurance
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BAYO.S Skruefundamenter and Andreasen & Hvidberg have in collaboration with Aalborg University and with support from Innovation Fund Denmark conducted a small research project. This innovation project ensures compliance with Eurocode 7 building code standards.

Based on a soil survey showing the strength of the soil, we calculate how to solve the job and finally, you as the customer receive a report documenting all the installed screw foundations individually.

New technology

BAYO.S and Danfoss have collaborated to develop brand new remote control units for our M2 drilling rigs. These make it easier and safer for the installer to perform the correct work. The new software and log system also ensures simultaneous documentation of the bearing capacity of the screw foundations according to soil surveys.

BAYO.S M2-boring

A BAYO.S M2 drill rig is precise in its work. It can complete the installation of the foundation for a year-round house or cottage in 1-2 days. This is done with very high precision, where 50-100m screw foundations can be installed per day. BAYO.S has now brought three of these machines to Denmark.