Terrace calculator and building on screw foundations

Use our calculator to start your long-awaited deck project. Our calculator can be printed out and given directly to the timber truck, which will help you find the right items. The calculator can also be used if you are building on concrete. Calculate, buy and build.

How do you get started with your deck?

When you start building your new/first deck, there are a few things to consider first:

  1. Where should the terrace be
  2. How big should it be
  3. In which direction should the boards go (e.g. along the house wall)
  4. What type of wood should the terrace be made of
  5. How high should it be

Once you have these things in place, you can start building your deck.

Why you should build your deck on ground screws

Concrete has always been the norm when creating a foundation for a structure. But with screw foundations, also known as ground screws, it just gets easier. With screw foundations:

  • Saving you money on leveling and land disposal
  • No drying time
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • You can always move a screw foundation

Screw foundations are therefore a much smarter solution as you can reuse the screws or add more if you want to expand in the future. In addition, there’s a huge time saving, which means you can get your deck built quickly and don’t have to spend time digging, leveling and letting the concrete dry. Simply screw the screw into the ground and build your deck right away.

What does the structure look like?

You usually need 5 things for a terrace.

  • Boards
  • Cops
  • Beams
  • Masonry paper
  • Screw foundation

The image shows the construction of a 1-layer deck with boards at the top, joists and our screws at the bottom.

To build a 2-layer deck, you need decking boards, joists, beams and our screws. If you want to prevent your wood from rotting, you can lay wallboard between the boards and joists to make your deck last longer.

Use the deck calculator

Once you’ve decided on the size of your deck and the types of boards, joists and beams you need, you can enter it in the calculator below.

After you have calculated your deck, you can download it as a PDF (it takes just 5 seconds) and print it. This means you can go directly to one of our retailers and buy everything you need.

Here you go, now you can build your wooden deck.

Still unsure how to build your deck and how to install our screws?

Then check out this page to see how to install our ground screws or view our installation instructions.

Terrace calculator

Terrace calculator

The calculation is indicative; liability for the terrace is not assumed.

Notes. The visual example is only a sketch and is not a perfect example of how your deck will look in reality. So look at the dimensions and distances when building your deck.

Fixed or extendable screws?

Fixed screws

Extendable screws

Our recommendations for tops

U TOP 80 & 100



KOP 75

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