Professional ground screws

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No concrete

You don't have to excavate, remove soil, or work with concrete and wait for it to harden.

Save money

The installation of a BAYO.S screw takes minutes. You can start building right away.

Stable but also removable

Rocky soil, solid rock, concrete, asphalt, mud or sand are no obstacle to installing a screw foundation.


Installation of ground screws can be done regardless of the weather. You are not limited by high temperatures, frost, snow or rain.

CO2 emissions

Ground screws are removable and can be reused up to 10 times. You can leave nature as it is and start construction.


You set the position, drill in the screw and build. Quick and easy. You can move the ground screw to another location at any time.

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With BAYO.S Ground screws

Avoid traditional methods such as pouring concrete and driving piles. Our ground screws are installed directly into the carrier soil layer, ensuring an efficient transfer of static forces directly to the foundation. Not only is this approach simple and fast, it’s also completely vibration-free, making the process smooth and effortless.

BAYO.S ground screws make it easier than ever to create stable foundations without using concrete. This method is ideal for a wide range of construction projects, from small to large, and ensures a solid foundation for any type of building. At the same time, it meets all necessary documentation requirements and can be insured, so you can be confident in its quality and reliability.

BAYO.S Screw assortment

BAYO.S ground screws are an innovative foundation system that eliminates the need to pour concrete or drive piles for new construction or extensions/conversions.

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Fixed ground screws are quick and easy to install and are the ideal solution as a point foundation for modules, carports, benches, etc.

As they are fixed length, it is always necessary to evaluate the static conditions and soil bearing capacity to select the correct ground screw.

The screws are available with different tops, in different wall thicknesses and different diameters and lengths, so you can always find a screw that suits your project.

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Extendable ground screws are flexible and particularly suitable for soil conditions where greater depth is required to achieve load-bearing capacity and for sloping terrain.

Extendable ground screws are also suitable in places where the length of standard ground screw is not sufficient. The screws can be extended until solid ground is achieved.

The screws are easy to handle as they can be extended into one very long ground screw.

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