PROFI Fixed screw foundations

Fixed screw foundations are quick and easy to install and are the ideal solution as a point foundation for modules, carports, benches, etc.

As they are fixed length, it is always necessary to evaluate the static conditions and soil bearing capacity to select the correct ground screw.

The screws are available with different tops, in different wall thicknesses and different diameters and lengths, so you can always find a screw that fits your project.

BAYO.S Screw Foundation: The Innovative and economical economical solution for professional construction projects

In the modern construction industry, the BAYO SYSTEM screw foundation stands out as a pioneering solution that offers a more environmentally friendly, economical and efficient method compared to traditional foundations. This advanced Danish screw foundation technology is ideal for a wide range of applications, from small DIY projects to larger commercial extensions.

Advantages of BAYO.S screw foundations

BAYO.S screw foundations offer significant benefits, including faster installation with no waiting time for drying concrete, making it a cost-effective solution. Its flexibility and precision in different soil types and conditions make it an attractive solution for foundation companies looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Applications and pricing considerations

From foundations for decks, sheds or extensions, BAYO SYSTEM screw foundations offer a versatile and reliable solution. With competitive pricing, BAYO.S solutions adapt to both small and large projects. Their screw foundation for a summer house or terrace is especially popular among those looking for a reliable yet inexpensive way to build a foundation.

Why choose BAYO.S screw foundations?

For professionals in the construction industry, BAYO.S offers a technology that is sustainable, reliable and economically advantageous. With ISO certification, CE marking and compliance with EN standards, BAYO.S products represent a high standard in the industry.

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