PROFI Extendable screw foundation

Extendable screw foundations are flexible and particularly suitable for soil conditions where greater depth is required to achieve load-bearing capacity and for sloping terrain.

Extendable screw foundations are also suitable for places where the length of standard screw foundations is not sufficient. The screws can be extended until solid ground is achieved.

The screws are easy to handle as they can be extended into one very long screw.

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BAYO.S TOP 89 x 5

Flexibility and quick installation with screw foundation

Take advantage of the future-proof solution for your foundation with BAYO.S extendable screw foundations. Forget about old methods like concrete pouring and pile driving. Our screw foundations offer an easy, fast and vibration-free installation that goes directly into the supporting soil layer. This ensures a solid and reliable base for your construction project, with the option to adapt to your specific needs using our extendable screw foundations.

Save time and costs

Our products provide a solution that is perfect for anyone looking to save time and money on establishing a stable foundation. You save on excavation work and soil removal. In addition, you save drying time as our screw foundation can be loaded immediately. It’s an environmentally friendly approach that reduces the need for heavy building materials and complex work processes.

Ideal for all construction projects

Our extendable screw foundations are ideal for all types of projects, from residential to demolition and everything in between. They are designed to provide a fixed and secure solution that meets all the necessary standards. With BAYO.S, you get a solution that is efficient, economical and sustainable, ready to take on the challenges of the future. Choose a smart way forward and let us help you build on a solid foundation.